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Superior Pool Liner Installations - Including Leak Detection & Repair


A vinyl pool liner is an excellent interior for virtually any pool. 

 It is a smooth & non-abrasive finish which enables the pool to be kept clean & hygienic - more so than any other interior - as it easily prevents the growth of mould, mildew & bacteria, thus reducing both time & expense in the maintaining of your pool, giving you more time to enjoy your pool.

A vinyl liner interior is an excellent solution for a pool where the pool shell is cracked or where there is likely to be a lot of ground movement. 

Since the liner is flexible it will conform & flex with any movement of the pool shell.

The material needs to be UV-resistant & the fit must be perfect. 

Some pools are very complex in their shape & have numerous steps, benches, etc. 

This is when 3D computerised equipment is used to give absolute precise measurements.

For these reasons we only use superior quality vinyl liners made from the highest quality pool liner material. Pool liners are available in a wide range of colours - both plain & patterned, and a 12 year pro rata warranty is provided by the manufacturer on the liner. Available colours are shown below.

*  Please note that colours will vary when viewed on different screens. 

Feel free to request a swatch of vinyl liner

samples to assist with your choice of liner

colour for your pool interior. 



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