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Swimming Pool Renovations

Any type of pool  . . . Albatross, Blakeway, Cascade, Pool-Fab, Spray Concret Pools . . . can be renovated.

Any type of pool ( . . . . Albatross,  Blakeway,  Cascade,  Pool-Fab,  Tracey Wickham,  metal-sided pools,  sprayed concrete pools . . . . to name just a few), in any condition can be renovated. Whether it is old, cracked, leaking, or just simply out-of-date. Peter & Josh are experts at turning old, cracked & leaking pools into a pool that not only no longer leaks but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Renovating your pool makes your leisure time more pleasurable as well as adding considerable value to your property. A beautiful pool is the feature of any backyard.

If your pool needs new interior, new coping, tile work, steps, benches installed or custom grab and/or hand rails, contact Malastone Pools for an obligation free quote.

Many pools now needing extensive renovation are pre-1990 pools. These pools can be a hazard that is not commonly recognised, since many contain asbestos. Due to around 40 years experience in the swimming pool business, Malastone Pool Renovations can identify which pool surfaces need to be tested for asbestos. If asbestos is identified, we can arrange for the safe removal following Workplace Health & Safety guidelines.

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